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Sirio SY 27-4 4 elements 26.5-30Mhz Tunable 10M-HAM Yagi Antenna


This is a very good antenna, good data and very strong for its weight.
I have had it up about 12 meters for 2 years, no issues what so ever, swr is always fine, its tuned for 28, 400Mhz, and even without tuner, it's fine on 29Mhz repeaters.....
Now, what I would like to see in your products, is a 3 or 4 element yagi for the 12m band.
I imagine that it would be very easy, to just take of one element, and make the remaining 3 elements just a little bit longer....
I would be very happy to try such an antenna, if you ever would decide to make one!
Very satisfied costumer
Lars Kvant
Date Added: 09/09/2014 by Lars Kvant
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